Workshop  /  13.1.2019, 13.30 - 16.30

Workshop: Standardizing the Calculation and Reporting of Freight Transport Emissions on a Global Scale

TRB 98th Annual Meeting

Building on developments since a TRB Session in 2014, this workshop intends to inform attendees from research and industry sectors of the progress achieved in assessing and harmonizing the calculation and reporting of carbon footprint of transport chains on a global scale. It focuses on the different perspectives of theory and practice: What are advantages, what are challenges, what has been achieved already, which future developments are needed. Following key-notes from industry and research, audience and experts will discuss the situation:

Industry Platforms for Emissions Accounting and Reduction (Sophie Punte, Smart Freight Centre)
Promoting Carbon as a Decision-Making Metric through Collaborative Method Development and Application (Suzanne Greene, MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics)
The Role of Government as Facilitator and Supporter (Buddy Polovick, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA))
Logistics Emissions in Retail Supply Chains (Graziella Siciliano, Environmental Defense Fund)
Implementing Carbon Footprinting and Accountancy in Industry Logistics Operations: Lessons Learned (Igor Davydenko, TNO)
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Freight Transportation Systems in California (Cari Anderson, California Air Resources Board (CARB))

Moderation: Verena Ehrler (DLR) & Kerstin Dobers (Fraunhofer IML)
The workshop is sponsored by Standing Committee on International Trade and Transportation (AT020); Standing Committee on Transportation and Air Quality (ADC20); Standing Committee on Transportation Energy (ADC70)