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Through our participation in various research projects, we are always surrounded by the latest developments and ideas. This creative spirit runs through all our projects, because as a department in an application-oriented research institute we know exactly what it means to forge ideas and put them into practice. You as our customer always profit from this special competence.


Current research projects


The Competence Center Machine Learning Rhine-Ruhr aims to bring machine learning technologies in Germany to a globally leading level. In this project, the department deals with machine learning under resource constraints. The aim is to execute machine learning procedures on restricted systems. Furthermore, the aim is to transfer the solutions developed in the project to industry and to set up demonstrators at the institute to present the new possibilities to interested companies.


The Loadrunner project was launched with a view to the future vision "Silicon Economy" (digital platform economy). The "LoadRunner" can organize itself highly dynamically with up to 10 m/s in a swarm and can even couple together for transport orders if required. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is able to accept and negotiate orders independently.


The research project Recht-Testbed, sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, is dedicated to the complex legal issues surrounding the full automation of business processes.

With the help of blockchain and smart contracts, questions regarding the legal capacity of machines as well as liability and responsibility are to be clarified.


The PlatonaM research project aims at the secure and legally compliant utilization of machine data, which is to be based on an innovative platform ecosystem. In this way, data interfaces will be reduced, previously hidden relationships will be uncovered and the forecasting and prioritization of maintenance measures will be improved. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) within the framework of the "Smart Data Management" funding line and will run until the end of 2021.


The project, which involves the University of Rostock, Materna SE, DSW21, HPA and other companies and research institutions, focuses on the development of innovative Internet of Things solutions within the process flows of inland and seaports.

Significant growth rates have been predicted for the loading of goods in the port area, which makes it necessary to optimise the associated processes. This is precisely where I2PANEMA comes in, where an IT-supported solution is to be developed to increase efficiency through traffic control measures and the improvement of environmental factors.

Industrial Data Space

The Industrial Data Space is a virtual data room that facilitates the secure exchange and simple linking of data in business ecosystems. In addition to maintaining data ownership, Industrial Data Space forms the basis for smart services and innovative business processes. We are extensively involved in the implementation of the Industrial Data Space reference architecture. The development of this architecture for intelligent sensor systems is the focus of our work


The goal of the interdisciplinary joint project "SMART FACE" is the development of decentralized, highly flexible material flow units that meet the requirements of small series production. With the help of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), lean production planning and versatile manufacturing structures are implemented. In this project we connected the shop floor to the cloud platform "Logistics Mall".

Innovation Laboratory: Hybrid services in Logistics

With the vision "Social Networked Industry", the Fraunhofer IML aims to counteract the image of a deserted factory through increasingly autonomous systems and to focus on people. It is about the conception of new hybrid services under the influence of a "Social Networked Industry". The focus is the holistic consideration of innovations by industry 4.0. In addition to technology, social factors such as qualification and acceptance, but also organizational aspects such as communication and hierarchy, must be examined.

Completed research projects


DREAM (Distributed Renewable resources Exploitation in electric grids)
through Advanced heterarchical Management) researches and tests new control methods for the management of energy networks. We support the EU project with our logistics expertise and ensure the economic relevance of the solutions.
In addition to our logistics expertise, we also apply our expertise in how to develop software in a team.


The "PREsTiGE" project commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research aims to facilitate cooperation between cooperating companies while at the same time protecting sensitive business secrets. Therefore the potential of cloud computing is combined with the highest standards of data protection and security.

Transforming Transport

The EU-funded project "Transforming Transport" develops innovative, efficiency-enhancing and sustainable transport models. 47 leading transport, logistics and information technology experts from 9 countries present research results on relevant improved data values that can be achieved in mobility and logistics in the future. The department is involved in the implementation of a big data infrastructure for the application case "dynamic supply chain networks". For the integration of data sources, the expertise from the Industrial Data Space will also be used for secure data exchange. 

E³ Production

In order to ensure international competitiveness, advanced future technologies and sustainable production systems must be continuously further developed. The "E³ Production" project combines three sub-areas to achieve maximum added value with minimum use of resources. Within the framework of E3 production, a concept for connecting the cloud platforms "Logistics Mall" and "Virtual Fort Knox" was developed and prototypically implemented. In addition, the connection between the shop floor and the "Logistics Mall" was stabilized.


In cooperation with the Fraunhofer CML, eleven partners are developing the innovative risk management system MITIGATE, which simulates risk scenarios for the maritime sector. All supply chain risks are taken into account and potential effects are analyzed. Our research focuses on data analysis with Big Data. To identify cyber threats, social media data is additionally integrated and involved in the risk analysis.


With the increasing volatility of the markets, the demands on the flexibility of logistics handling centres are also growing. However, the effectiveness of distribution warehouses also depends on the location. In order to circumvent a geographical definition, researchers in the "Hub2Move" joint project are developing concepts for mobile hubs that can be flexibly set up and dismantled.


Every day, large quantities of fresh food are distributed worldwide by air freight. In order to meet the ever increasing demands on the associated logistics processes, DyCoNet is developing the networking of air freight containers. Logistics data transmitted via GSM/UMTS and GPS should contribute to an autonomous material flow.

Logistics Mall

The "Logistics Mall" is a cloud platform that brings together software providers and users as well as logistics service providers. By providing logistics solutions Software as a Service (SaaS), the cost-benefit ratio of both sides is improved and individual tools can be put together individually and independently of the provider. We were responsible for the development of the marketplace and the business object model.

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