Our research projects

From basic research to market entry

The department combines numerous competencies in one place through research projects with different focuses - covering the entire innovation chain from basic research to market entry of products.



From concept to prototypical implementation, employees of Fraunhofer IML are creating a new generation of autonomous robotic systems (AMRs).


The autonomous transport vehicle interconnects material flows, information, and financial transactions. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it can independently accept orders, negotiate, and organize itself in a swarm.


Sensing Puck

As part of the Silicon Economy project, a puck-shaped device has been developed that can continuously monitor and record temperature, position, transfer of goods, and the entire transportation chain.


Temp2Net Device

Dortmund-based scientists present a groundbreaking prototype for monitoring temperature-sensitive goods such as food, medicine, or vaccines along global supply chains with the »Temp2Net Device«.



Starting on August 1, 2021, the four universities will collaborate with four non-university research institutions on future communication technologies in 6G mobile technology.


Plan & Play 5G

Reliable ad-hoc 5G campus networks for temporary use.


The new research project »InnoLogBat« aims to consider the relationships between automotive industry producers and suppliers not only in terms of production processes and end products but also in terms of the entire life cycle.