Packaging and Retail Logistics and AutoID-Technologies

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More than ever, industry, trade and logistics services are required to meet the constant changes in the market, to master the associated challenges and to position the company for the future. Problems arise by themselves, solutions do not. Our interdisciplinary team of logisticians, computer scientists and economists support you competently and solution-oriented: Be it an optimization of your packaging system, the reorganization of your trade logistic processes or the introduction of an AutoID system from barcode to IoT systems and sensor technology. Trust in our neutral expertise and let us not only design the joint concept, but also implement it concretely! According to Philip Rosenthal (1916 - 2001) »Whoever stops getting better has stopped being good. «

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The Logistikbude offers web-based software, is independent of load carrier types and addresses both the tracking of own load carriers and the management of exchange processes into open pools.

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Here you can get an insight into our projects. Discover exciting innovations which have been developed in our department from industrial or research projects.


Enterprise Labs

Enterprise Labs are direct cooperations between Fraunhofer IML and companies, in which we jointly turn innovations and concepts into reality through intensive collaboration.


Transfer Projects

We support small and medium-sized enterprises in their digital transformation. Strengthen your competitiveness and open up new business areas in the context of digitalization and Industry 4.0.


Our Team

Our interdisciplinary team of logistics experts, computer scientists and economists provide you with competent and solution-oriented support.