Product Solutions

In Order to evaluate logistics concepts with regard to their practical suitability and economical viability, we use both static profitability calculations and discrete-event dynamic simulations. Below, you'll find a selection of tools, designed by our supply chain experts, to model and assess logistics processes, logistics networks and risks in the supply chain.


The simulation tool for supply network questions enables the evaluation of costs and performances of all planning and material flow processes from the purchase order to the delivery of your products.


The simulation game of the Fraunhofer IML is successfully used for the training of managers. It illustrates the causal connections within the entire order processing process.

Supply Chain Risk Inspector

The Supply Chain Risk Inspector systematically analyzes risks in the supply chain and gives you support in avoiding deviations in the target process in your business processes.


The online portal ERP LOGISTICS offers you a qualified overview of the ERP market. You can compare the functional features of ERP systems in an objective way.  

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