AGV for picking up containers and container stacks from the floor

Stack Access Machine

Automatic vehicle with direct single access to storage units from a ground line storage

Navigation computer

A control module for guidance without a lane for AGV (e.g. by means of laser navigation)


Versatile and flexible control unit for container storage


The open-source control system for driverless transport vehicles

Traction Gripper

Friction gripping of piece goods

The Rack Picker

Automatic collision picking in the high rack


A modular low-cost, low-cost truck according to the modular principle


Load pick-up and loading devices for automatic vehicles (here LOCATIVE®)


Fast stereo image processing and high dynamic drive with fun factor

Variable running gear

A new development in the field of landing gear


Expansion in the field of automatic container storage technology

The rotary sorter

New fields of application for automatic batch sorting

Automatic parking systems

Improved use of space in indoor areas - parking systems for cars and bicycles


With the aim of an economical automation capability of conventional ground block pallets, an automated soil block bearing for palletized piece goods was developed as part of a research project.

Autonomous Storage Vehicle

A pallet bearing system opens up new fields of application for automatic bearing technology