DelivAIRy is an automated drone transport solution. The concept is to automatically find, pick up and drop off loads using drones and without infrastructure. 



It rolls when it can and flies only when it has to. Thanks to this clever principle, the rolling transport drone circumvents two main obstacles that still stand in the way of widespread use of drones in logistics: Energy requirements and safety.



Packing packages efficiently but simply: without costly hardware components, the digital assistant »passt« intuitively provides the packer with packaging recommendations via simple light signals.



swarm® is a plug & play module for the Smart Warehouse. It enables a reliable permanent inventory with stock monitoring. The modules can communicate with each other and thus monitor an entire warehouse.



Smart display: The mobile, interactive assistant »mika« makes picking child's play and allows man and technology to become a team. An affordable and practical alternative to ordinary picking aids. 


Load Carrier Counting App

Counting load carriers via smartphone simplifies and improves the laborious and error-prone process of transferring containers in food retail.



ARpack uses augmented reality to visualize packaging instructions for packing items into a shipping box. The correct positions of the items to be packed are represented by digital holograms. 



The unambiguous identification of wooden Euro pallets is possible on the basis of their unique wood structure. All that is needed is a commercially available camera.