Intralogistics and -IT Planning

Interdisciplinary and independent

Constant change in all areas of business areas is characteristic for our time. Adaptations and new developments are essential to meet new demands. Those who wish to compete in the market require creative solutions and a comprehensive vision.

Your team of Intralogistics and -IT Planning supports you with a wide ranged portfolio and invites you to explore it.

With you we work on the best strategy that will be implemented accurately realizing your vision.


We offer a wide range of services. Whether you need a warehouse analysis, a quick optimization or a complex new construction, your logistics are in good hands with us. 

Our Team

Looking for the right contact person? Here is an overview of our staff.


Applied Research

Our expertise is based on research that is applied to our design and consulting practice. 

Seminars & Lectures

As part of our commitment to sharing knowledge, we have participated in numerous seminars and conferences, giving presentations, or contributing to discussions.

Selected References

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have proven our reliability, problem-solving skills and foresight in numerous projects with different partners and in various areas of Intralogistics. 

Voices from industry

»We were quite delighted with the project´s pragmatic approach. Together, the IML project team and our Festool project team were able to produce a very solid project result at a high technical level through highly open, constructively critical relationship.«

Stefan Weber, Head of Logistics at Festool GmbH


»With the use of differentiated analysis fields, Fraunhofer IML conducted an in-depth and well-founded process study, Weaknesses in the process were discovered and different implementation strategies were identified by open and professional collaboration. Now that we have these results, we can restructure our strategies and processes to add value to our daily operations and boost the effectiveness of already-existing processes.«

Peter Volk, Business Unit Manager Logistics and Services at BAUR Versand GmbH & Co. KG 


»Fraunhofer IML assisted us in updating our knowledge of the diverse and complex application areas of IT systems used in logistics environment during a two-day workshop on the topic of Warehouse management systems. Specific functional scopes were defined, as well as the requirements for individual interfaces. The workshop was perfectly aligned with the questions we had previously provided to the Fraunhofer team. The new insights could be very well combined with our previously pursued approaches. As a result, we received valuable feedback for the creation of innovative products and services that effectively assist our customers in their daily work.«

Juergen Buchmann, Director Technology Development at Crown Gabelstapler GmbH & Co. KG


»Fraunhofer IML has managed to help us at critical points in our innovative customer projects by providing specialized training and project-accompanying consulting. Thanks to the experience and, above all, the practical relevance, we were able to manage projects with technologies and methodologies that were completely new to us to the complete satisfaction of our customers. This has undoubtedly saved us from various dead ends and pitfalls

Dr. Thomas Albers, Technical Management Electronics at MINDA Industrieanlagen GmbH


»The Fraunhofer IML employees quickly recognized our problem, brainstormed several solutions with our employees and completed the project on time.«

Dr. Markus Rudersdorf, Managing Director at Leipa Georg Leinfelder GmbH


»It was a professional collaboration. Fraunhofer IML got to the heart of a complex issue and successfully navigated the discussion.«

Jörg Hoppe, Director Logistics at Takko Holding GmbH