Information Logistics and Decision Support Systems

The right information at the right time in the right place

This guiding principle of information logistics describes in particular the planning and control of logistical processes as a mandatory basic requirement in a company. Looking at the global markets, it becomes clear that change is the only constant there. As a result, business processes must change permanently in order to remain efficient and reactive. In order to be able to make the right decisions in this environment, it is highly relevant to have all important information available at all times and everywhere.

The department "Information Logistics and Assistance Systems" focuses its work on the development and application of the uniform digitalization of production and logistics processes.

Through the development of logistic assistance systems (LAS), the digital planning and control of logistic processes to cope with complex tasks comes to the fore. These provide employees with optimal information technology resources in clearly defined processes. This creates transparency about the effects of options for action.

As a result of the existing problem of difficult human decision-making in complex systems, a framework for digital twins was developed. They combine the systematic mapping of all processes, service objects and resources of the value creation system in one process model. This model is permanently updated with the help of sensors and other information sources and serves as a basis for planning and control tasks. Due to the additional mapping of the behavior in the form of control modules, digital twins can also be used for simulations. Thus, they can be used for predictive evaluation in real-time operational decision making.

In addition, the digitization of the shop floor enables the entire process chain to be covered, from data acquisition in operational processes, through data integration and preparation, to the provision of the generated information via smart devices.

Another research focus of the department is digital competence development. Because only through a holistic and sustainable development of competence can a successful introduction of Industry 4.0 take place. The Information Logistics & Assistance Systems department has developed a concept for this that makes various digital learning programs available.

In addition, our department advises companies of all sizes on the organisation, planning and evaluation of quality, environmental, energy, hazardous materials and risk management systems. The agile software "QUERIS®" was specially developed to cope with the information and communication diversity of the numerous management systems.


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Services and support

We offer our partners integrated digitalization. From the collection of data on the shop floor, with the digital twin and the use of data for planning and control, to digital knowledge transfer.


We are working on providing people in different roles and situations in logistics - from management to hall flooring - with the necessary information in the form of digital services and software programs.

Scientific Research

Industry 4.0, digitisation and the role of people in a social networked industry are hot topics. We are researching this in several projects in order to transfer the latest developments into practical applications.