Packaging- and Unit Load Optimization with PUZZLE®

What can PUZZLE® do?

PUZZLE® optimizes the loading of pallets and shipping cartons. In addition to the calculation of the most favourable arrangement of packages in a defined space, the software also provides help in selecting a suitable loading aid. Transport costs can be reduced through the efficient use of space. The division of large orders into individual loading units also shortens order throughput times. Thanks to the exact precalculation, the required transport capacity can be precisely determined in advance. Packing processes can be precisely controlled: time-consuming trying and repacking is no longer necessary. PUZZLE® works reliably even with large product ranges. Optimization results can be made available in various ways - e.g. in form of interactive 3D graphics.


Which variants of PUZZLE® are available?

With PUZZLE® INDIVIDUELL, we offer tailor-made solutions to optimize your logistics for special requirements. From supporting automated robot picking to integrating the software into your WMS: The PUZZLE® team is at your disposal for your individual enquiries. Benefit from the know-how of our department and reliable software. PUZZLE® is also offered as a web application in two standard variants: PUZZLE® PACK optimizes homogeneous packing patterns for pallets, PUZZLE® PALLET additionally enables the optimization of article-mixed orders. An online-demo of both variants can be viewed online. PUZZLE® PACK and PALLET are distributed by our partner scapos AG

PUZZLE® and You?

More than 50 companies already benefit from efficient load space distribution through PUZZLE®. For more than two decades, the award-winning software has been continuously refined and adapted to new requirements. PUZZLE® can be used universally and cross-sectoral: whether logistics service provider, freight forwarder, shipping service or logistics software provider, but also manufacturing and trading industry with independent logistics division: PUZZLE® is suitable for every sector because it can be individually adapted and configured. With PUZZLE®, users get a high-quality solution that is easy to use, flexible, platform-independent and scalable. Let the advantages convince you and benefit from a solid and efficient optimization software.


  • PUZZLE® is multilingual German, English and French.
  • PUZZLE® takes into account the surface quality of the packages, for example cartons, containers and trays.
  • PUZZLE® allows the individual determination of the orientation of all packages.
  • PUZZLE® complies with the maximum load on the packages and the total weight of the loading unit.
  • PUZZLE® has an integrated stability test.
  • PUZZLE® offers easy access to a range of standardised load carriers and helps with selection.
  • PUZZLE® provides interactive 3D visualizations of the optimized load units.
  • PUZZLE® generates detailed PDF reports and supports future transport planning.

Get to know PUZZLE®

Try PUZZLE® PACK and PUZZLE® PALLET in our online demo.

How to buy PUZZLE®

Purchase PUZZLE® PACK or PUZZLE® PALLET from our partner scapos AG.

Customize PUZZLE®

Request individual solutions tailored to your needs.


Fraunhofer medal

Georg Wichmann was honored with the Fraunhofer Medal for his contribution to the development of the topic "Optimization of Loading Units" into one of the core competencies of the institute.

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