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2022 Evaluating Platform Openness in Logistics based on a Taxonomic Analysis Estelle Duparc, Carina Culotta Conference contribution: "Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences" (HICSS)
2022 Dimensions of Digital B2B Platforms in Logistics – A White Spot Analysis Carina Culotta, Estelle Duparc Conference contribution: "Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences" (HICSS)
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2021 Identification of Socio-Technical Risks and Their Correlations in the Context of Digital Transformation for the Manufacturing Sector  Felix Schnasse, Jörn Steffen Menzefricke, Roman Dumitrescu  Conference contribution: "2021 IEEE 8th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Applications 
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2016 »Modular IT-support for integrated supply chain design«

Matthias Parlings, Tobias Hegmanns, Philipp Sprenger, Daniel Kossmann, Henk Zijm (Hrsg.), Matthias Klumpp (Hrsg.), Uwe Clausen (Hrsg.), Michael ten Hompel (Hrsg.)

Contribution to the anthology: "Logistics and supply chain innovation: Bridging the gap between theory and practice"
2016 »An integrated innovation life cycle model for supply chain adaption« Matthias Parlings, Katja Klingebiel, Patrick Oschmann Article in the eJournal