Modular Production Logistics in Process Industry

Many segments of the process industry are currently exposed to a growing uncertainty and increasing demands for product differentiation and shorter product life cycles. Modular production logistics represents a paradigm shift in the planning and operation of production facilities in the process industry. It allows an efficient and flexible design of the production process and enables companies to quickly adapt their production to the current demand situation.


The fast and flexible linking of individual logistics modules to design modular logistics systems requires the use of an IT-supported planning system. With the development of the planning assistance system »LegoLAS«, the configuration of modular production systems can be accelerated in order to be able to react quickly to changing demand situations. The evaluation function also the comparison of systems in order to quantify the demonstration scenarios considered.



The »MoProLog« project investigates and standardises energy-efficient logistics modules for the logistical supply and disposal of a modular production in the process industry. A modular filling plant with intelligent energy management will be designed and tested in a use case. In order to create a transparent flow of information, Fraunhofer IML is developing a digital twin that enables the system to operate autonomously and enables decentralised decision-making for plant optimisation.