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IT-Solutions in terms of Supply Chain#

Our Team of software engineers provide an individual software solution with specially developed assistance systems

Supply Chain IT

Our software engineers and developers provide technical support for your supply chain processes: from data integration within your supply chain to the development of individual IT-solutions, e.g. for demand and capacity management and availability planning. To enable you to collaborate on these tasks, we also offer the implementation of web-based IT-systems. With our logistic assistance systems, you are in control of your individual planning and operating tasks, independent of device and location.

Selection of our services#

Systems for the Availability Planning

The Supply Chain Engineering department offers individualized IT systems for support in availability planning.

Demand and Capacity Management

Based on our planning software OTD-NET and extensive logistical expertise, we offer you tailor-made solutions for support in demand and capacity management.  

Data Integration in the Supply Chain

Based on many years of experience we give you support in the conception and implementation of modern data integration solutions.

Shadowed Supply Chain Solutions & SCM Assistance Systems

The Supply Chain Engineering department offers decision support systems for managing the complexity along your supply chain.

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