evoBOT - The evolution of autonomous mobile robotic systems

The next generation of transport robots

From concept to prototype implementation - Fraunhofer IML researchers are creating a new generation of autonomous mobile robot systems (AMR).

Different areas of application

The evoBOT is characterised by its high agility and flexibility. As a modular system, the application areas of this collaborative robot even extend beyond the classic logistics context into the complex urban space. While existing solutions are limited to performing simple operations such as pushing and pulling logistical goods, the evoBOT goes one step further. In the future, this prototype will be able to combine and upgrade these skills. These additions include handing things over as well as turning things around. Another special quality of the robot is its bio-inspired design, which lowers the inhibition threshold of interaction between humans and robots.  All these aspects make the evoBOT a personal assistant for humans. 


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Over rough and smooth

The evoBOT is a dynamically stable system based on the principle of an inverse compound pendulum (without external counterweight). The system is particularly space-saving and lightweight. In contrast to conventional robots, the evoBOT keeps itself permanently balanced, which makes it possible to move on different and uneven surfaces, even with slopes.  



© Fraunhofer IML

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