evoBOT® - The evolution of autonomous mobile robotic systems

The next generation of transport robots

From concept to prototype implementation - Fraunhofer IML researchers are creating a new generation of autonomous mobile robot systems (AMR).

Different areas of application

The evoBOT® is characterised by its high agility and flexibility. As a modular system, the application areas of this collaborative robot even extend beyond the classic logistics context into the complex urban space. While existing solutions are limited to performing simple operations such as pushing and pulling logistical goods, the evoBOT® goes one step further. The prototype is already capable of combining and complementing these abilities. The extensions include passing and turning objects and load carriers at variable heights. In addition, different gripping concepts can be used with the same robot base. Another special feature of the robot is its appearance, which lowers the inhibitions for interaction between humans and robots. As a result, the evoBOT® can be used not only as a transport robot, but also collaboratively as an assistant for humans.


© Fraunhofer IML - Michael Neuhaus
The development team of the evoBOT®

Traversing challenging terrain

The evoBOT® is a dynamically stable system based on the principle of an inverted pendulum, without the need for an external counterweight. Due to its very small footprint, it can be used in various environments. It is not limited to simple surfaces and can maintain balance even in outdoor areas on uneven surfaces with inclines.


© Fraunhofer IML - Sebastian Beierle

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