Factory Structure Planning

The right mixture in your structure

Because of the increasing dynamism of the markets, the strategic changeability and adaptability of production is getting ever more important. Simultaneously, the further intensifying competitive pressure requires the highest possible efficiency and productivity at all times. The great challenge in the conceptual and structural realignment of your production is to meet those varied needs. In addition, the creative production structures have to support production strategies and concepts of the own company. They also take account of the existing conditions (range of articles, resources, infrastructure).

Your Benefits

  1. Because of our methodological skills of factory planning the Fraunhofer IML is the ideal partner to make your production fit for future competition.
  2. By the concept of the control methods for the production and the in-plant transportation the economic efficiency of the factory structures clearly appears in the simplicity of planning, control and realisation of the added value processes.
  3. The consideration of the latest production concepts and approaches for production optimization ensures your company the competitive edge.

Our approach to a customized factory layout

Basis of a project for factory planning with the department of Production Logistics are extensive data analysis to  product range, available resources and the existing building structure. The knowledge won from this situation analysis and the defaults that can be derived from production strategy and concepts are the basis for a formulation and weighting of the planned targets in cooperation with the decision-makers of your enterprise.

Besides, the factory planning shows over and over again the search for the best compromise between contradicting targets. We help you to find this compromise in a reproducible decision-making process.

Basically manufacturing forms that are supporting the planning aims are our tools for the development, assessment and iterative optimization of different structural variations. The standards are set high by a Greenfield planning free of restriction and prevents from being content too fast with a suboptimum.

By determining the structure fields, the design of control methods for the production, internal transportation, and quality assurance follows. In this phase the economic efficiency of the factory structures already appears in the simplicity of the planning, control and realization of the added value processes.

The importance of continuous adaptability of production processes is still increasing while the competitive pressure demands high performance and efficiency.We support you creating a conceptual and structural reorientation of your production processes.




The introduction of manufacturing segments leads to increased flexibility towards changing customer demands and simplification of production control. Our process oriented planning approach, which is based on established and systematic analyses, supports you in the realization of a segmented production customized to your requirements.



The Department of Production Logistics uses the assistance system visTable®Touch to visualize und evaluate layouts in the process of factory planning and factory structure planning. This integrated planning approach leads to a more efficient development of alternatives and increases acceptance by those involved in planning.