The logistics sector as an interface between companies must face up to the increasing compliance challenges. Compliance with different laws, guidelines and administrative regulations as well as ISO requirements is essential. As a result, to fulfil compliance requirements, it is necessary to identify the legal and regulatory requirements for the organization and guide these regulations into clear instructions for managers and employees.

But how can these complex compliance challenges be mastered?

Specific management systems are a good solution to tackle this problem. Management systems are tools that help to structure workflows and operational processes more effectively. They support your company management and identify specific improvement possibilities tailored to your company. Thus, goals can be fulfilled satisfactorily.

Our Compliance team of experts provides comprehensive and holistic expertise in compliance and management system consulting to ensure that your company complies with the legal and regulatory requirements.

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Managing the risks, ensuring quality

energy management

Individual coaching and identification of energy saving potentials.

Kognitive & Kollaborative Compliance

Digital und Gemeinsam zur Regelkonformität!


Protect ressources and the enviroment! The sustainability dashboard makes it possible! 

quality management

The creation and introduction of a quality management system supports the diverse needs and requirements of customers for products and services and the realisation of long-term corporate success.


environmental management

With the introduction of an environmental management system, you increase the profitability of your company and safeguard the environment for future generations.

Kognitive & Kollaborative Compliance

Digital und Gemeinsam zur Regelkonformität!

Kognitive & Kollaborative Compliance

Digital und Gemeinsam zur Regelkonformität!

hazardous goods management

Identification and verification of legal requirements facilitates the handling of hazardous substances and goods.


risk management

Only a few companies can assess their risk situation. This is where flexible risk management can minimize risks and maximize success.

occupational Safety Management

Effective occupational health and safety management ensures legal compliance and safety for your employees.

cognitive & collaborative compliance

Digital and together for regulatory conformity!

Kognitive & Kollaborative Compliance

Digital und Gemeinsam zur Regelkonformität!

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