References and Awards

The Software Engineering department impresses

In addition to cooperation and project partners, the Software Engineering department also inspires expert juries from the fields of science and business with innovative applications and creative solutions. Here you will find a selection of prizes and awards.


E-Commerce requirements in logistics

In the age of digital change an investment in eCommerce systems is inevitable. For this reason, the Software & Information Engineering department, in cooperation with a Swiss logistics service provider, took on the subject of e-commerce and offered advice and assistance in this complex area.

Preparing heterogeneous data landscapes for a data analytics platform using data quality checks

In practice, the input of incomplete and incorrect data, for example caused by empty mandatory fields, incorrect links or values, is not uncommon and poses a problem for later analysis. The goal should be a quantitative analysis of the summarized company data in order to use it, for example, to optimize marketing strategies.

Research projekt: Transforming Transport

Transforming Transport (TT) is an award-winning research project in which Big Data methods for sustainable transport models have been successfully developed, which are of great importance for the mobility and logistics sector in Europe.

PREsTiGE - Privacy-preserving methods and tools for cloud-based business processes

Due to poor implementation of privacy requirements, many users had to work without cloud services. The PREsTiGE project, sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, addressed the problem and now enables collaborating companies to securely exchange data.

IoT Gateway: Networking of machines and systems

The Fraunhofer IML was also able to successfully demonstrate the many application examples for an IoT gateway that can be found in logistics. The Software & Information Engineering department has succeeded in using the IoT Gateway to process control and sensor data in real time and transfer them to control systems.

High performance in shipping due to efficient packing algorithm

In practice, inefficient dispatch processing often occurs due to errors in determining the packaging required for shipments. Too large or too many small shipping packages are selected, or articles are unnecessarily distributed among too many packages.

For this reason, our Fraunhofer IML employees were commissioned to design an efficient, high-performance algorithm for calculating the best possible shipping packaging.

Web-UI: Software for Norwegian aluminium smelter

Hencon B.V., a Dutch heavy and special machinery manufacturer, was able, with the help of our experienced experts, to successfully integrate the automation and control of the Automated Guided Vehicles System (AGV) into the existing operation of the Alcoa aluminium smelter in Norway.

DyCoNet: Smart Containers with IoT Integration

Lowest possible costs, punctual delivery and specifications for transport and storage - the demands on logistical processes are enormously high. An intelligent, self-sufficient air freight container, such as the SmartULD from the DyCoNet project, represents a solution to many of these challenges. Integrated into the Internet of Things, it constantly provides information, including its position, loaded goods and environmental data.


Machine Learning helps to obtain information in logistics processes

A major industrial partner is faced with the challenge of realizing the classification of logistics processes, such as the packaging of parcels. The aim of the cooperation with the Software & Information Engineering department is to develop a classifier for quantity forecasts.

Optimization of plants Automation with help of information strategy consulting

The Software & Information Engineering department offers optimization of information processes through strategic consulting. For example, an industrial partner had problems within the software while automating its plants. The IT strategy consulting of the Software & Information Engineering department supported the industry partner in coping with these problems.

Calculation of cycle times for storage systems

The Software & Information Engineering department at Fraunhofer IML has developed a tool that can calculate cycle times of shuttle storage systems. The shuttles are autonomous vehicles driving in the pallet channel, which in turn can be picked up by carrier vehicles. The developed tool is used by the sales department to calculate the individual number of shuttles and carrier vehicles required in the project.

Logistics Mall Project: „Business Objects for Logistics“

The workshop held at Linogistix GmbH looked at the business object model developed in the Logistics Mall project "Geschäftsobjekte für die Logistik". The conceptual processing aimed to increase the understanding for the development of apps within the Logistics Mall. In addition, the workshop provided an overview of the artefacts associated with the model, such as the instance repository for managing specific business object instances. In a further step, the process for making changes to the business object model was presented in order to enable Linogistix GmbH to make independent changes to the business objects.

Integration of STILL cubeXX in the SAP HANA Cloud platform

Fraunhofer IML, together with SAP SE and STILL, has developed an "IoT Device Adapter" for the "SAP Cloud HANA Platform" and used it in a web-based transport order management system for the cubeXX concept industrial truck. The aim of the project was to demonstrate the technical feasibility of a direct integration of Smart Devices into the SAP Cloud HANA platform without further intermediate systems such as data converters.

Replacement of the logistics software at EUROPART Materials GmbH

EUROPART Materials GmbH - Europe's number one in the commercial vehicle parts and workshop supplies trade - replaced its old logistics software with a new system. The review and adherence to the project plan regarding project responsibilities, resources and feasibility, especially in change management, were among the core tasks of the support.

Strategy Workshop for the Logistics Scenario in Mega-Cities 2020

Together with Siemens AG, the Fraunhofer IML conducted two strategic workshops. The topic was logistics use cases for mega-cities in 2020. The aim was to estimate the transferability of network planning methods from computer and telecommunication networks to logistics scenarios. The future scenarios developed by Siemens were compared with the experiences of the Fraunhofer IML in the field of logistics and network planning and implemented as examples.


myWMS is an open framework for Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). Using standardized components, a customized WMS tailored to the requirements of the user is created. myWMS is an open-source alternative to warehouse management systems (WMS) and material flow computers (MFC) that is suitable for industrial use.


Fraunhofer Medal

Georg Wichmann was awarded the Fraunhofer Medal for his contribution to the development of the topic "Optimization of Loading Units" into one of the Institute's core competencies.

June 2019

Best Success Story Award for the Transforming Transport Project

Georg Wichmann was awarded the Fraunhofer Medal for his contribution to the development of the topic "Optimization of Loading Units" into one of the Institute's core competencies.

April 2016


The lucky winners of the INDUSTRIEPREIS 2016 were announced just in time for the start of HANNOVER MESSE on 25 April. The load space optimization software "PUZZLE" was particularly convincing this year and is therefore one of the top products.

November 2013

SVC Awards 2013

Logistics Mall has been selected as a finalist in the "Storage, Virtualization, Cloud (SVC) Awards 2013" in the category "IaaS Solution of the Year". The SVC Awards are presented annually by Angel Business Communications Limited in cooperation with numerous sponsors.

November 2013

Automotive Supply Chain Awards 2013

The "PUZZLE" cargo space optimization software developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML is among this year's finalists of the "Automotive Supply Chain Award".

May 2013

EuroCloud Germany Award 2013

The Association of the Cloud Services Industry in Germany, "EuroCloud Deutschland_eco", awarded Germany's best cloud services in Karlsruhe in May 2013. The "Logistics Mall" was the winner in the "Best Case Study Commercial Sector" category.

April 2013

IT Awards 2013

The "PUZZLE" loading space optimization software developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML has been selected as one of the finalists in this year's "IT Awards 2013" in the "Best IT Product" category by the expert jury.

April 2013


For years, Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH has awarded the INDUSTRIEPREIS to companies with high economic, social, technological and ecological benefits. This year, the "PUZZLE" load space optimization software was one of the top 1,200 applications submitted.

March 2013

IT Innovation Award 2013

The Logistics Mall, developed by the Fraunhofer Institutes for Material Flow and Logistics IML and for Software and Systems Engineering ISST, has been honored as one of the three best solutions for medium-sized businesses at this year's Innovation Award IT in the field of Cloud Computing.

March 2013

IT Innovation Award 2013

The loading space optimization software "PUZZLE", developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML, has been honored as one of the best solutions in the category "Industry & Logistics" by the Initiative Mittelstand at this year's Innovation Award IT.

December 2012

The Cloud Awards

On Tuesday, December 11, 2012, the Fraunhofer innovation cluster "Cloud Computing for Logistics" entered the final round of the international "The Cloud Awards" with the cloud project "Logistics Mall" and in the category "Best Software as a Service".

October 2012

Best in Cloud

With the public cloud project "Logistics Mall" and Logata GmbH, the Fraunhofer innovation cluster "Cloud Computing for Logistics" has been nominated as a reference customer in the category "Software as a Service" for the "Best in Cloud" award presented by Computerwoche.

August 2012


In August 2012, the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML was awarded the "GERMANY AT ITS BEST" seal of approval by the North Rhine-Westphalian Minister of Economic Affairs for its innovative cloud computing software "Logistics Mall" for its best performance.

May 2012

EuroCloud Germany Award 2012

The Association of the Cloud Services Industry in Germany, "EuroCloud Deutschland_eco", has awarded the best cloud services of the year. The "Logistics Mall" was nominated by the jury in the category "Best Case Study Commercial Sector" and was among the three finalists.

April 2012


At HANNOVER MESSE on April 23, 2012, the concept of the "Logistics Mall" was particularly convincing in the "IT & Software Solutions for Industry" category. It thus belongs to the top group of the industry award.

March 2012

elog@istics award 2012

"Logistics Mall" was awarded the "elogistics award 2012" at the international annual congress "AKJ Automotive". Once a year, innovative concepts and solutions for logistics and production that are already in use or in the process of being introduced are awarded.

October 2011

Best in Cloud 2011

The multiple award-winning Fraunhofer innovation cluster "Cloud Computing for Logistics" inspired the audience and expert jury of the "Best-in-Cloud Conference" and took second place in the special project category "Cloud Special Project" with the "Logistics Mall" and Logata GmbH as reference customers.

March 2011

IT Innovation Award 2011

The "Logistics Mall" of the Fraunhofer Institutes for Material Flow and Logistics IML and for Software and Systems Engineering ISST was awarded the Innovation Prize IT at CeBIT by the Initiative Mittelstand as the best solution in the field of cloud computing suitable for medium-sized companies.

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