Production Logistics

Logistics in Production – Intelligent Production Optimization

Increasing customer demands present manufacturing firms the challenge to accomplish their jobs faster and more flexible than ever in due time. Companies often fail on a lack of standards, optimal production concepts and the deficient interaction between their technologies as well as suboptimal structures.

Therefore, task of the production logistics department within the range of business logistics is the development of innovative solutions in the field of production logistics. The guiding principle of the division is »intelligent production optimization«. This requires a company-wide understanding of production management processes and the integration of different fields of knowledge such as logistics, computer science, business administration and mechanical engineering to a comprehensive understanding of logistics.

We proceed process-oriented and system-oriented and consider your production logistics in the necessary depth, analyze your entire system of processes, employees and technologies to tailor these for your customers.

According to the Fraunhofer philosophy we work as a neutral and independent consultant. Common project teams compile a lasting improvement of your production processes, borne by employees of your company.



We are using process and system oriented approaches and view your production logistics with the necessary depth, always focusing on the requirements of the market.