Blockchain technology is a groundbreaking key technology that will significantly shape the future of business. Particularly in logistics and supply chain management, it is a driver for sustainable value creation and efficient processes. Blockchain technology is suitable for all areas where multiple actors interact and evidence of this interaction needs to be provided, such as proper transfer of goods. By securely storing data in the blockchain, companies can build and collectively optimize trusted and transparent value networks. The use of blockchain-based smart contracts, combined with cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things, enables increasing automation and autonomization of value networks.


Key Topics

  • Blockchain technology for sustainable, resilient, and efficient value networks
  • De facto standards for blockchain software components
  • Interfaces & APIs (e.g., IoT integration and legacy systems)
  • Asset tokenization (e.g., industrial NFTs) and token economy (Web3)
  • Pilot networks: Tendermint/Cosmos and Quorum (Blockchain) as well as Corda (DLT)
  • Governance and profitability analysis


Our Services

We unlock the full potential of business collaboration in the areas of production, logistics, and supply chain management by implementing decentralized solutions based on DLT and blockchain technology - ranging from conception to piloting in your company. Through the identification and analysis of use cases, we continuously develop new possibilities for the use of these technologies. Our services encompass both domain-specific and technical expertise to realize cooperative and sustainable value chains. In doing so, we support the entire innovation chain from idea to commercialization and create added value for all stakeholders involved:

  • Concept Development: Assistance in identifying and analyzing suitable use cases for DLT and blockchain technology in the areas of production, logistics, and supply chain management.
  • Planning: Consultation in developing business models and conducting requirements analysis for decentralized solutions, including the selection of suitable technologies and frameworks.
  • Design: Support in designing DLT and blockchain-based solutions, including the development of project plans and the definition of domain-specific and technical concepts.
  • Development: Implementation of domain-specific and technical concepts, as well as validation of the implementation to ensure the functionality and performance of the solutions.
  • Piloting: Setup and pilot operation of blockchain networks, as well as support in integrating them into existing systems.
  • Continuous Improvement: Collaboration with partners to achieve continuous improvements of the solutions, including identifying new use cases and integrating new technologies. 


Your Benefits

  • Networking and knowledge transfer with partners from industry, research, and associations.
  • Efficiency improvements in production, logistics, and supply chain management through blockchain-based automation and autonomization.
  • Establishing sustainable, resilient, and transparent value networks.
  • Increased transparency through proof of origin of products and traceability along supply chains.
  • Identification and realization of blockchain-based business models in your specific use case.
  • Tailored development of blockchain applications based on a scientifically sound foundation.



Customs clearance

The use of blockchain technology enables the digital handling of customs-related documents, data, and processes, including the documentation of status and data changes - trustworthy and tamper-proof for all parties involved.


Dangerous goods management

With our blockchain-based hazardous goods management system, documentation requirements in hazardous goods handling are fulfilled, and process monitoring is ensured.


Sharing Economy

In cases where own resources or machinery are limited, capacity exchanges can be utilized. On platforms, available capacities are offered, booked, and paid for. Smart contracts support the automated execution of the processes.

Production networks

The coordination of flexible production networks and assurance of product quality require real-time data transparency. Blockchain-based platforms provide a solution in this regard.

Consumer Goods Industry

The authenticity and product safety granted by blockchain technology, along with certificates and reliable documentation, aid in the setup and management of sustainable supply chains in the consumer goods industry.

Emerging Fields

  • Space Logistics
  • Digital Product Passport & Blockchain
  • Blockchain Patch
  • Green Hydrogen & Blockchain

Additional Information

Blockchain goes Open Source

We present our open-source components and software systems for applying blockchain-technology.

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