Mobility Management

We combine application-oriented research with industrial requirements to develop demand-oriented, innovative and future-oriented concepts. Here you will find what qualifies us as a partner for the field of »Mobility Management«.

Traffic Management and Transportation

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Information, Safety and Security Logistics

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Mobility Management

Detailed descriptions of the individual projects can be found in the German language on the German version of our website


Optimisation of barrier-free mobility through autonomous shuttles - development of an AI-based solution for planning and controlling a public transport service.

Study on Mobility Markets

»How are autonomous vehicles changing the mobility market?« - a comprehensive analysis

Integrated traffic management for rail replacements

Conception, piloting and evaluation of a digitalisation approach of bus servces as rail replacements.

EBA intermodal

User-friendly intermodal integrated rail passenger transport

Study »Mobility Transformation 2030«

Why local road public transport must change

ÖPNV Flexi

Making local public transport more flexible 


Proactive travel assistant based on artificial intelligence

Master Plan Mobility South for the District of Ostalgäu

Initialisation process for a Masterplan Mobility

Integrated mobility concept Allgäu

Intelligent mobility - for the benefit of the locals and the guests 

Rethinking mobility

A holistic, future-oriented mobility concept for the »Bavarian Forest« rural area

InDaSpace - Use Case Mobility

Development of a virtual data space for standardised data exchange and trade

BSH plus

Innovative, holistic and sustainable mobility management for BSH, neighbouring companies, the town of Traunreut, the district of Traunstein and the Fraunhofer IML

MOBY: Living lab e-micromobility

Analysis of the impact of micromobility on cities, traffic and safety by integrating knowledge from pilot cities


Investigating opportunities and measures for low-contact mobility in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Roche Pharma

Corporate mobility management at Roche Pharma AG in Grenzach-Wyhlen

Future fields of micromobiles

Implementation support in the Frankfurt RhineMain region

Future fields of micromobiles

Analysis of current and future fields of application

Mobility management

Master plan for tomorrow's mobility in the Werksviertel-Mitte in Munich

kolula SUP

Online-based evaluation to identify potentials and hurdles in the further development of a digitalised rental of stand-up paddle boards


Customer and provider-friendly system for digitalised ordering and processing of short-term rail replacement services.

Bicycle parking at railway stations

Study on the development of recommendations for action for a comprehensive expansion of bike-ride facilities at railway stations

Green City Masterplan

Master plan on strategies and measures for an innovative and low-emission transport system and the associated investments.

Business Mobility 2025

The future of business mobility: technologies, new travel options and mobility processes 

Police cars 2025

Study to identify relevant trends for police fleets


Operational mobility management - development of a sustainable mobility concept for the Chemical Park Knapsack


Development of an adaptive, learning augmented reality mobility agent, to support demand-driven and efficient switching between transport modes in complex mobility chains.

Digitalisation in tourism in Bavaria

The digital transformation in tourism. Creation of an action guide for tourism destinations

Future study: Fleet market 2020

Future study on future developments in the fleet market for the Association of Brand-Independent Fleet Management Companies e.V. 

Parking management in Hamburg

Study on parking space management for the State Transport Authority in Hamburg 

immerMobil - Passau

Expansion of local public transport and maintenance of OKW-free mobility in rural regions - use of the ImmerMobil platform in Passau


Pretest conception and portal test for the regional car-sharing exchange of Generationen Netzwerk Deutschland e.V.,

immer Mobil

Individual location-based transport services for older people in rural areas (intermodal mobility platform)


Consumer test on the mobility of older generations: What is the situation like when changing to other means of transport in the main stations of major German cities?

Application scenarios of multimodal mobility

Integration of ridesharing and occasional services into public transport services

Patient-specific medication supply

Process recording and visualisation for the introduction of patient-specific medication supply

Traffic Management and Transportation

Detailed descriptions of the individual projects can be found in the German language on the German version of our website



Simulation of Automated Trucks in Port Terminals



Optimisation of the yard management and logistics sites‘ design.

Intelligent Truck Parking (mfund-ITP)

Design and testing of a data platform on truck occupancy rates in parking areas on federal motorways


Study on automated Trucks in Yard Management

Evaluation of the potential of highly and fully automated trucks in yard management operations.

Munich Airport

Strategy paper on the integration of rail-air transport modes in 2030+ based on current development trends towards multimodal mobility.

ERFA siding

Competencies exchange initiative: exchange of best practice examples between rail operators to identify optimisation potentials

Klemme AG

Conception of the future yard management – analysis of optimisation potentials within the site.

Telematically controlled compact truck parking

Elaboration of a specification for the development of a control algorithm for telematically controlled compact truck parking.

Wacker Chemie AG

Potential analysis for logistics operations - analysis of relevant processes, interfaces and transports in the plant by means of process simulation to identify optimisation potentials

Traffic simulation for building permits

Conceptual design of efficient traffic routing incl. optimised logistical handling 

Schwarzkopf-Henkel Production Europe

Development of individual logistics concepts for the optimisation of internal and external logistics.

Procter & Gamble

Development of a concept for more efficient handling of internal traffic with a corresponding parking concept

Nuremberg Trade Fair

Conceptual design of a dynamic traffic guidance system incl. parking space management - Optimisation of inflow and outflow traffic to several event sites

Traffic logistics concept for the factory site

Development of a traffic concept for optimised traffic handling

Munich Trade Fair Centre

Optimised traffic and connection of the trade fair location Munich through several projects around the conceptual design of a dynamic parking and traffic guidance system.

WASP - Wood Application Service Providing

Optimisation of the forest/plant logistics chain through interface integration

Traffic planning supports

Optimisation of traffic flows and the parking concept through an adaptation of the existing wayfinding system and its signage

Information, Safety and Security Logistics

Detailed descriptions of the individual projects can be found in the German language on the German version of our website


Secure and autonomous drones for public services


Design of a test and training centre for geo-information and satellite-based emergency services. - Benefits of integrated solutions for emergency services


Automation technologies and ergonomics support for innovative picking and handling concepts in logistics in NRW

MATRIOSCHKA – Environmental Monitoring

Development, test and demonstration of a monitoring system for gas and pollutant monitoring using satellite navigation, communication and earth observation.

Galileo – AvalancheFon

Enabling smartphones to function as stand-alone avalanche beacons by adding search and transmission functions. 


Development of a core system that serves as standard for services in the areas of safety and traffic - Modular construction kit of components for positioning, communication, sensor, memory and server technology


In cooperation with project partners from Germany, Austria and Spain - Optimisation of internal communication and coordination of security and rescue forces through the use of satellite navigation

Galileo Avalanche Search and Rescue (SAR)

Realisation of a highly accurate overall system for the faster localisation of avalanche victims by means of satellite navigation.


Enabling smartphones to function as stand-alone avalanche beacons by adding search and transmit functions