Telekom Open IoT enterprise lab

For new Internet-of-Things solutions

Up to six researchers from Fraunhofer IML and three IoT experts from Telekom jointly developed and tested Internet of Things solutions until they were ready for the market. The aim was to optimize processes in the manufacturing industry as well as the logistics and aviation sectors.

Subprojects and prototypes

In close cooperation, a wide range of future-oriented products could be developed.

IoT Service Button

Internet of Things at the touch of a button


With this service button, it is possible to trigger simple logistical processes directly at the point of origin. Instead of writing and manually recording lists, such as for material stocks, and transferring them to the system, orders can now be placed with the push of a button directly at the shelf.

The order transmission is not dependent on a given infrastructure, meaning that the button does not have to be integrated into the customer's infrastructure (such as Wi-Fi), but is instead transmitted via the Narrow-Band-IOT mobile communication standard. The crucial aspect is that an energy-saving e-paper display provides feedback on the cost of the order. The service button meets IP45 protection class standards, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Not only is the display very energy efficient, but the entire electronics are designed to have a lifespan of 5 years without battery replacement. The serial product was launched in 2018.

Privacy warning

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Low Cost Tracker

Knowing where the goods are located

Knowing where goods are located is one of the crucial criteria in logistics. The localization data of assets is the basis for ETA, supply chains, and insurance claims. However, tracking goods on pallets or in small quantities only becomes economical when the electronics are cost-effective. The Low Cost Tracker combines energy efficiency with various localization technologies. For example, large geofencing can be operated efficiently through the Narrow-Band-IoT mobile communication standard. If precise localization is required, GPS/WIFI or Bluetooth can be used. The Low Cost Tracker has been available since 2018.

For more information on the Low Cost Tracker, please visit this link!

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