Intralogistics planning

To be successful in the market, companies must continuously optimize and redesign their internal logistics. Scope of measures have to meet requirements.


warehouse logistics

As one of the leading portals for Logistics IT systems »warehouse logistics« provides differentiated information and reliable decision support für Logistics IT providers, users and consultants.


Operational Excellence

With a well-designed warehouse concept, smooth and stable processes, the warehouse can meet the volatile demand of the market even during peak hours.


Cognitive Ergonomics

People are migrating to the center of Intralogistics. The topic »Cognitive Ergonomics« is being processed as part of the initiative »Performance Centre Logistics and IT«.


Picking Lab

The Picking Lab provides assistance in evaluating and selecting picking technologies and Logistics IT systems. 

Industry-specific solutions

Fashion Logistics

Fashion, as a delicate commodity, requires special handling, particularly in Logistics. We are familiar with the specific requirements of the fashion industry and know how to store. Due to our many years of experience in the logistics industry as well as numerous, successfully implemented projects for the textile market...

Logistics 4.0

In Industry 4.0 the physical and digital worlds continue to grow together. For a long time now, the fourth industrial revolution has existed not only on paper and as a vision, but also on the shop floor, where Industry 4.0 technologies are used by both small, medium-sized and large businesses.

Picking with a system

Order picking - the core of all logistic centres - contributes significantly to the competitiveness of a company with the »production« of delivery orders. In order to meet internal as well as external performance and quality requirements, goal-oriented planning is necessary to determine the most suitable order picking systems.

Return management

Are your logistics costs for returns too high? Does your IT system not adequately cover the requirements for lean returns processing? Would you like to reduce the processing time of your returns in order to increase customer satisfaction and goods availability?

Seminars & Lectures

We share our knowledge and experience with others. To achieve this, we are present at numerous seminars and conferences, where we contribute lectures or discussion papers. You can find an overview of our reference activities here.