Project Center Traffic, Mobility and Environment

The Fraunhofer IML, Project Center »Traffic, Mobility and Environment« in Prien am Chiemsee plans, advises, develops and implements projects in the fields of »Mobility Management«, »Traffic Management and Transportation« and »Information & Security Logistics«. Together with research and industry partners, we work on the development of implementation-oriented concepts as well as practice-relevant solutions for diverse stakeholders. The expertise and methodological competence as well as the references of our team range from engineering and economics to social science competences, methods and tools. With excellent and application-oriented research, we contribute to demand-oriented, innovative and future-oriented strategy developments in the mobility, transportation and security sector.

Our Topics


Mobility Management

People mobility is in a state of change. Digitalisation and technological innovations, but also the users themselves are changing mobility. In this area, Fraunhofer IML is working on new concepts and models. In combination with proven approaches and innovative demand-oriented transport services, we are researching the future of mobility - not only in cities, but also in rural areas.


Traffic Management & Transport

The Fraunhofer IML Project Center in Prien works in the field of traffic planning and transport solutions, among other things, on logistics control on company premises, traffic planning and simulation, as well as concepts for freight transport. By means of innovative applications developed together with practitioners, we create more flexibility and optimize your logistics.


Inforamtion, Safety and Security Logistics

In the area of Information, Safety & Security Logistics, the Project Centre works on innovative approaches and new (security) concepts specifically to support emergency and rescue forces, e.g. in the optimisation of operational procedures, the technologies and equipment used, or also within the application of satellite navigation-based and geo-referenced real-time data.

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Thanks to many years of experience, we have a demonstrated track record of delivering numerous projects with different partners and actors, and on diverse topics and issues. 


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