Industrial Projects




Autonomous cars and trucks are currently revolutionizing our road traffic and making it more efficient and safer in the long term. In the future, autonomous vehicles are also expected to lead to greater efficiency, ecology and cost-effectiveness in logistics yards and internal transport...


Smart bed


A smart label for the optimized organization of support processes at the bedside.


– in cooperation with the department »Health Care Logistics«




Low Cost Automated Guided Vehicle


 – in cooperation with the department »Machines and Facilities«


BWS Label


The BWS Label is an electronic and energy-self-sufficient label which enables a reduction of the procurement costs and efficient structuring of the order processes.

Sick EnterpriseLab


In the "Enterprise Lab", companies not only gain direct access to the to the know-how of the scientists, but can also actively participate at an early stage in the and setting goals for future developments at an early stage. developments. They are thus significantly involved in the long-term development of the logistics of tomorrow

Smart Ocular Systems (S.O.S.)

In the course of the project, Fraunhofer IML will develop a specific service app related to the devices and services of the partner company Medizintechnik Heuser, which will improve the exchange of information and data between the customer and Medizintechnik Heuser.

- In cooperation with the department »Health Care Logistics«

Enterprise Labs


DB Schenker Enterprise Lab

The Enterprise Lab has a very diverse thematic focus and brings together projects from different areas such as land transport, air or sea freight.


Sick EnterpriseLab

In the »Enterprise Lab«, companies not only have direct access to the expertise of scientists, but can also actively participate in the search for topics and goals for future developments at an early stage. They are therefore significantly and long-term involved in the development of tomorrow's logistics.

Contact person: Jana Jost


KION Enterprise Lab

Eight employees from both partners will work together in the Enterprise Lab on the further development of LoadRunner technology. The common goal is the industrialization and optimization of swarm technology based on AI from the sensor to the overlaid platform.

Rhenus Enterprise Lab

In the joint Enterprise Lab, the focus of collaboration is on smart container management. The use of NB-IoT technologies should make it cost-effective and long-lasting to install central control and detection techniques in the logistics sector.


SSI Schäfer Enterprise Lab

In the newly founded Enterprise Lab, SSI Schäfer, one of the world's largest providers of intralogistics solutions, and the Fraunhofer Institute IML will jointly research innovations for the future of logistics.