Business Model Development

Development of innovative business models

In times of digitization, corporate success can no longer be achieved through product and process innovations alone, but rather through business model innovations. The continuous questioning and further development of one's own business model is an essential success factor for companies. In the area of business model development, we therefore deal with the analysis and holistic design of innovative business models.

Our services in the area of business model development:

To support you in the development of a new business model from the initial idea to implementation, we offer the following services:

  • Business model analysis & platform-driven business models: 
    Analysis of your existing products, services and business models - what value proposition do you offer your customers today and is this profitable in the long term?
  • Idea generation & selection of suitable business model patterns: Consideration and analysis of the business environment and relevant stakeholders to identify new market fields and check the transferability of new (digital) business model patterns based on data and new technologies.
  • Holistic business model development & implementation: Expanding the current value proposition with new, marketable products and services, integrating new partners and new value creation processes, and tapping innovative revenue mechanisms.
  • Innovative workshop formats for the development of marketable business models

As part of our holistic service offering, we make use of innovative workshop formats and agile approaches. With our portfolio, we support you from the initial market research, process analysis and business analysis to an initial test (prototype) and the implementation of the new business model.

The benefit for your company:

By cooperating with us, you will achieve the following potential benefits for your company:

  • Expansion of the product portfolio to include e.g. (digital) services
  • Identification of new revenue sources and revenue streams
  • Addressing new customer markets and focusing more strongly on customer benefits and added value
  • Use of data and digital technologies as the foundation of new business models