Procurement & Finance in Supply Chain Management

Enabling the digital transformation of supply chains

The "Procurement & Finance in Supply Chain Management" department plans and implements projects in various areas, including blockchain & applications, procurement & technologies, financial supply chain management & digitalization of craft. Together with research and industry partners, we work on practice-oriented and customized concepts and solutions. To achieve this, we have an interdisciplinary team of around 20 employees, 14 research assistants, and 2 apprentices from the fields of informatics, logistics, business administration, industrial engineering and finance.



The BMBF-funded SIMPEL² project aims to research a holistic logistics concept for the chaos phase at the beginning of a major emergency situation. The aim is to adapt resilience-enhancing measures from classic supply chain management.

Practice Workshop

In the "Practice Workshop - Resilience in Procurement & Production" on April 25, 2024, in Stuttgart at Fraunhofer IPA, Tobias Jornitz from Fraunhofer IML, along with his colleagues Eftal Okhan and Theresa Hinrichsen from Fraunhofer IPA, focus on an integrated approach to resilience.


Invitation to stakeholders in the agri-food sector to participate in stakeholder engagement workshops to shape the European Strategic Research Agenda.


On January 29, 2024, the first project meeting for the BMUV-funded project »ForestGuard« took place at the Fraunhofer IML in Dortmund. Initial interim results and upcoming work steps were discussed together with representatives from companies and authorities.

The Westphalian Hydrogen Conference 2023

On November 22, 2023, we were in Hamm to discuss digital record keeping in the hydrogen value chain.

Fraunhofer Space Community Workshop 2023

On November 13, 2023, we were guests at the Fraunhofer Space Community Workshop 2023 and had the opportunity to conduct a workshop on the topic of space logistics.

WCO Technology Conference 2023

Lecture in Hanoi, Vietnam: Open Source & Blockchain Technology – A Path Towards Increased Integrity & Trust in Supply Chains and Customs?


Starting from November 14, 2023, we were at the Space Tech Expo in Bremen. The overarching question is how Europe can play a sovereign role in the global space economy.

Zukunftskongress Logistik

The panel discussion on »Trade Ecosystems goes AI - via IoT« will explore how the interplay of technologies such as AI, Blockchain, and Smart Contracts is effectively utilized in the value chain.

Blockchain & Hydrogen

Visiting Hy.Summit.Rhein.Ruhr from 18th-20th September 2023.

From the year 2023

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Our domains of expertise


Space Logistics

  • To-Space-Logistic
  • In-Space-Logistic


  • Technologies in procurement & SCM 
  • Success criterias & KPIs 
  • Sustainability 
  • Purchasing personas
  • Procurement & Inventory Management


  • Use cases in logistics & SCM 
  • De facto standards 
  • Interfaces & APIs
  • Asset tokenization
  • Pilot networks

Craft Industry

  • Use of mobile devices 
  • Digitalization assessment
  • Digital order & operation planning 
  • Tool and material planning

Financial Supply Chain Management

  • Supply chain financing 
  • Automated and autonomous invoicing
  • IoT-based payments

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