Sustainability and Resources

Ecology and economy hand in hand

Climate change, scarcity of resources, rising energy prices – global topics, with which business enterprises deal with actively. Besides the logistical planning for procurement and application of secondary resources, including the integration into supply chains as well as renewable energy sources (e.g. wooden fuels, biofuels), the Fraunhofer IML develops concepts for a sustainable management of resources.

In the field of cleaner production (German: PIUS) companies receive competent consulting in the efficient utilization of material and energy resources. By the means of life cycle assessments you get an environmental assessment of products and services and you can derive improvement measures. We conceive reuse and recycling strategies as well as material and product take-back systems, for improving resource efficiency. In Green Logistics with the help of technical and organizational measures, we minimize logistics processes, the use of material and energy in the entire supply chain.

GILA webinar: Market study - Energy efficiency and GHG emissions of logistics locations

"One of the biggest challenges of this century is to shape our economic processes more sustainable and more eco-friendly. This changes our way of producing and trading goods."