Selected References

European Blockchain Institute NRW (Blockchain Europe)

The Blockchain Europe project develops prototypes for blockchain-based dangerous goods handling. By joining the open community of Blockchain Europe free of charge, companies can participate as concept and validation partners to initiate and drive the digitalization of legal-based logistics processes in dangerous goods handling.  

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Systematic Sustainability

For an industrial partner in plant and mechanical engineering, customer-specific sustainability requirements were analyzed, coordinated and implemented. Through this approach, the customer requirements, as well as the success in the compliance audit (CSR, SA8000, VW SAQ) could be ensured. 

Development of a hazardous materials and dangerous goods management system

Analysis, consulting and conception of a group-wide, legally compliant hazardous substances and dangerous goods management system for an international trading company with building, gardening and DIY products in the traditional market as well as in e-commerce.

Development of an integrated management system

Establishment and continuous development of management systems for an organization for the development up to the commissioning of conveyor, magnetic, separation, handling and automation systems.

Interactive management system with QUERIS®

Implementation of QUERIS, the quality, environment, energy and resource information system developed by Fraunhofer IML, to increase transparency, to optimize workflow and test cycles and to reduce costs of manual efforts for production, trade and service companies.

QM system development

Targeted further development of the quality management system of an organisation for the production and sale of hot pressed parts with brass alloys with regard to customer-specific automotive standards.

Production optimization

Potential consulting with focus on material and information flow optimization in the warehouse and production for a company in the chemical, food and cosmetics industry.

Process optimization mechanical engineering KmU

Process redesign, process digitization with Smart Devices as well as the visualization of process flows for mechanical engineering KmU.

Identification Steel/rolling mill

Reliable identification of steel based on the sectional area by artificial intelligence (AI).

Intelligent Indoor Locating

Position determination of industrial trucks based on ceiling characteristics without additional infrastructure (such as transmitter/receiver/sensor technology).

VirVoKo / PickNick Voice

Virtual Reality (VR) training for the operation of a Pick-by-Voice (PbV) system.


Forklift truck simulation in Virtual Reality (VR) with consumer hardware (steering wheel, joystick, VR hardware, motion platform), which focused on process and layout training as well as training of control and hazard awareness.

"Low cost tracker" for logistics

The low cost tracker "Narrow Band IoT" is 5G compatible and has a battery life of 5-10 years. It measures acceleration, position and temperature. 

  • Flat rate: 10 years (500MB) 10€ (1€ p.a.)
  • worldwide roaming

A development of the Telekom Open IoT Lab at IML

Intelligent shelf label

  • Ultra-low power communication (868 MHz)
  • Energy harvesting by solar cell
  • ePaper display with “button”
  • Keystroke leads directly to order in IT system
  • Label displays product image, delivery status, barcodes, etc.
  • Thousands of labels connected via a special router

Trustworthiness profile

With the BMWI as a supporter, the development of a profile for automated trust creation as well as the development of building blocks for the evaluation of companies is to be advanced. As a result, trustworthiness profiles for autonomous negotiations, as well as a trust agent for managing the profiles, are to be created.  


Optimization of the weekly program planning. Development of a logistic assistance system for the weekly program planning of a large automobile manufacturer. Taking into account all restrictions (e.g. logistics and production capacity), orders must be assigned to production weeks.

Levelling of delivery quantities in the food industry

The supply chain of a food manufacturer was analysed and a too high variance in the delivery quantities was identified. Based on this, a Logistical Assistance System and an optimization procedure for levelling the deliveries across the entire supply chain was developed.

SCM cockpit

An assistance system to monitor the order-to-delivery process. Data from different IT systems are regularly imported into the assistance system in order to display the process from order to delivery and to determine various KPIs.

LAS for personnel resource planning

A simulation-supported assistance system was developed for a large logistics service provider for personnel deployment planning. This system simulates a logistics location with the help of highly up-to-date order data and provides the planners with a basis for decisions on the allocation of personnel.