Public Funded Projects




An interdisciplinary research project for the development of hybrid services within the framework of Industry 4.0 and with a special focus on the interaction between humans and machines.


Clan Human-Technology Interaction

Designing of socio-technical systems 





The DIH² project supports manufacturing SMEs and Mid-Caps across the European Union by implementing robotics solutions through a combination of funding and practical support based on the technology exchange among robotics Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs).




Safe Human-Robot Interaction for Highly Flexible Warehouses




Wireless Sensor Network of Intelligent Nodes Objects.

Sensor Network Based Systems for Material Flow Technology





- in cooperation with the »Packaging and Retail Logistics« Department




Smart Micro Factory for Electric vehicles with lean production planning

- in cooperation with the:
»Machines and Facilities«,
»Supply Chain Engineering«,
»Information Logistics and Decision Support Systems« Departments




Adaptable Logistics: the Hub2Move model

- in cooperation with the »Machines and Facilities« Department


3D Contour Check


The fully automatic, efficient and economical de-palletizing system


- in cooperation with the »Machines and Facilities« Department 




Safe Autonomous Logistics and Transportation Vehicles in Outdoor Areas




A new, revolutionary vehicle, which acts totally autonomous and interacts with its environment.




Hierarchical swarms as utilization-optimised production architecture




Safe autonomous vehicles (electric, efficient, low-emission) in the logistics yard


- in cooperation with the departments »Transport Logistics« and »Environment and Resource Logistics«




In Factory – Cellular Transport System


- in cooperation with the »Machines and Facilities« Department




The L4MS project focuses on fully digitizing intralogistics automation in factories. The goal is for suppliers of automation and logistics solutions to be able to develop and be up to ten times faster and less expensive than current prices.


Cellular Transport Systems

The Future of Facility Logistics 


- in cooperation with the »Machines and Facilities« Department


In the EU research project "Flexible Assembly Manufacturing with Human-Robot Collaboration and Digital Twin Models" (FELICE), the Department of Robotics and Cognitive Systems, in collaboration with numerous European partners, is researching, among other things, the collaboration between humans and robots in the context of production.