Lab Infrastructure

The heart of our laboratory infrastructure is the packaging testing laboratory. For more than 20 years, we have been testing the climatic and physical load-bearing capacity of load carriers, packages and load units for our customers during storage, transport and handling in accordance with current industry standards and norms. In addition to laboratory testing, we also optimize load securing and, if required, jointly draw up an individual load securing concept.

The Hybrid Services in Logistics Innovation Lab is an interdisciplinary research project in which technological innovations for a social networked industry are developed. Prototypes are created, which are subsequently piloted with industry in a realistic manner - the focus here is on human-technology interaction. The new technologies are also exhibited as concrete application examples so that the use of the technology can be tried out in an operational context.

In our Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab), our own ideas are turned into initial prototypes in a very short time through the do-it-yourself culture. Thanks to comprehensive equipment with modern 3D printers, a wide range of tools, soldering technology and a dedicated workspace, the department's employees and students can give free rein to their creativity and then hold a tangible result in their hands.

Our Labs


Packaging Lab

Packaging must withstand diverse, static, dynamic and climatic stresses along the transport chain. We test the load-bearing capacity of your packaging during storage, transport and handling.


Innovation Lab

The innovation lab serves as a demonstration area for new technologies that serve the cooperation of man and technology. This is illustrated by concrete application examples.


Fabrication Lab

In our Fabrication Laboratory, we have the opportunity to quickly turn our ideas into reality. Using various 3D printing technologies, the first sample components are created here during prototyping.