3D Contour Check

Efficient load detection by using a PMD camera

Aim of the project supported by the Consortium of Industrial Research Associations “Otto von Guericke” (AiF, registered association) was the development of new techniques and algorithms to verify loading conditions and to de-palletize a euro pallet in a fully automated way. Thereby, the pack positions already known by an automated palletizing are stored on a RFID-Tag and synchronized with a bas-relief which is detected by a PMD camera.

Not just the usage of the novel PMD technology and the synchronization of the pack positions stored before, but also the newly developed and prototypically (with respect to the software technology) realized algorithmic technique to recognize loadings enable a streamlining of the evaluation units.

In comparison to existing systems, there are many advantages:

  • Fast verification of the loading condition by the operator
  • Fully automated de-palletizing based on the evaluation
  • Compensation of sensor-typical measurement errors and thereby reduction of costs for sensors and hardware to a minimum
  • Low requirements of the hardware on the image processing system -> Evaluation of the measurement data on a conventional industry PC is possible
  • Alternative fields of application are several assistance systems which support the operator in logistical activities (e.g. Incoming goods inspection, collision prevention, etc.). For instance, the combination of the software with real image information offers an augmented reality.

The research project “3D Contour Check” is a co-operation between Fraunhofer IML, the Chair of Materials Handling and Warehousing, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and the Chair of Computer Graphics of the Faculty of Informatics, both TU Dortmund University.

After the project completion in February 2013 we are looking for interested industrial enterprises as partners for the commercialization of the project results.