SAFE³LY - Safe autonomous vehicles (electric, efficient, low-emission) in the logistics yard

The project SAFE³LY investigates the feasibility of battery-powered, autonomously driving transfer vehicles on logistic factory premises. Within the framework of a field test, four different vehicle variations will be tested and compared with each other. The vehicles differ in their type of drive and degree of automation. The potential of resource-saving and economical logistics processes is determined by innovative technologies, from conventionally driven to battery electric, autonomously driving vehicles. Environmental and climate impacts as well as the process-related advantages of inductive charging processes in electrically autonomous transfer vehicles are focused during the investigation. The field test is flanked by the analysis of optimal charging strategies in fleet management and route planning as well as the ability to integrate them into an overall logistic system. The aim is to establish the factory premises as the origin of electric-autonomous driving in the entire supply chain.

In this project, our department develops a software for the classification of logistic objects (e.g. vehicles, trailers, swap bodies) in 3D sensor data. This software provides the vehicles with "eyes" during field tests and thus enables partial functions of autonomous driving, e.g. the automated picking up and parking of swap bodies and trailers.


- in cooperation with the departments »Transport Logistics« and »Environment and Resource Logistics«