In the EU research project "Flexible Assembly Manufacturing with Human-Robot Collaboration and Digital Twin Models" (FELICE) [1], the Department of Robotics and Cognitive Systems, in collaboration with numerous European partners, is researching, among other things, collaboration between humans and robots in the context of production. One focus of our work is on the physical and cognitive ergonomics of employees in production. In this context, for the purpose of mapping humans as a "digital twin", different data sources such as wearables, Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) and camera systems are fused. We then use this fused representation of the human in the research focus Human-Technology Interaction (MTI) to adapt the behavior of assistive robots to the respective interacting human.


In the fusion of the different sensor data, we apply and further develop methods of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in addition to classical fusion and modeling methods.    


[1] https://www.felice-project.eu/