Clan Human-Technology Interaction

The department Robotic and Cognitive  Systems is currently working in the clan Human Technology Interaction on designing socio-technical systems in the clan Human-Technology Interaction. The interaction of humans and technology is an important part of today's systems in logistics. The research team therefore deals with existing and future work and the demonstrators in the fields of adaptive user interfaces, workplace design and context-related information visualization. Basic functions of the new Human-Technology Interaction are derived and refined. The results build the basis for a new generation of Human-Technology Interaction and the necessary research and development work. The participating institutions are on the one hand the TU Dortmund University with the Chair of Materials Handling and Warehousing as well as the Leibniz Institute for Work Research at the TU Dortmund University (IfADo) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering ISST.


Opportunities for participation:


For students:

  • Studies on Human-Technology Interaction,
  • Bachelor and Master thesis, project work

For science:

  • Studies in the field of adaptive systems and contextual information representation
  • Studies on Human-Robot collaboration
  • Research collaborations for Human-Technology Interaction

For economy:

  • Contract research in the field of Human-Robot Interaction
  • Carrying out studies on Human-Robot Collaboration


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