With Agile production, there is a chance of 50% increase in productivity for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). In order for a factory to become more agile, it is required to utilize speed and versatility to satisfy customer demands. DIH² believes in the power to robotics as enablers of agile production in factories as they can be used as part of a workers´ toolbox or even autonomously. On the other hand, SMEs have certain barriers restricting them from implementing robotics solutions such as high initial costs, limited skills and know-how, lack of robotic standard and complex robot programming tools.

The DIH² project comes then to support over 300,000 manufacturing SMEs and Mid-Caps across the European Union in overcoming these barriers through a combination of funding and practical support based on the technology exchange among robotics Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs).

This project is funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, which is at the heart of Europe´s future strategy aiming to achieve smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth.  The main focus resides in enabling factory digitization and accelerating robotic applications, all while keeping low costs of robotisation.

This digital platform of DIH² eases the development of smart applications supporting Robot deployments, Robot programming tasks, Human-robot collaboration, Robot and factory context modelling.

The DIH² vision is to build a sustainable pan-European network to facilitate and accelerate the knowledge and technology exchange among robotics through establishing two core elements. The first is a digital app, which is compliant with main reference architectures for European industry digitization. The second core element is a digital app compliant with the Ready-to-use software components offering an open, modular and reusable technology ecosystem built upon de facto standards for smart application development and system integration in manufacturing domains.

DIH² enables manufacturing SMEs by providing:

 A Common Open Platform Reference Architecture for Agile Production (COPRA-AP) -based on Industrial Data Space Reference Architecture Model and FIWARE technologies- to serve the needs of SMEs by means of a continuously growing set of Robotic-based Open Standard Enablers (ROSE-AP).

 A marketplace as one-stop-shop for SMEs to access essential services for digital transformation including business modelling, technical support, access to skills and finance.

 2 competitive Open Calls to launch an ambitious Technology Transfer Program with 260 Agility Audits, 26 cross-border Technology Transfer Experiments and 26 ROSE-AP, leveraging over 26M€ of public & private funding in advance robotics solutions for Agile Production.

 Members deeply rooted in their regional Smart Specialization Strategy, ensuring ‘working distance’ services for every SME in Europe - whichever the sector, wherever the location, whatever the size.

 A Corporate Sponsorship Program from equipment and automation suppliers committed with the network to get access to wider market and latest research in robotics