Business model development

Prepared for the future

Corporate success in times of digitization can no longer be achieved through product and process innovations alone, but rather through business model innovations. The continuous questioning and further development of one's own corporate strategy is an essential success factor for companies. In the area of strategy development, we therefore deal with the analysis and holistic design of innovative business models, considering current technological and social trends.

How we work

We accompany you in the strategy and business model development in your company. 

Our portfolio includes sensitization and training formats, as well as analysis of your company's current strategy and business model approaches, and support in generating ideas and designing new approaches. We work in a problem- and customer-oriented manner and actively involve you and all relevant stakeholders. In addition, we design individual offers that are specifically tailored to your needs, taking into account the current state of research:

  • Market research and environment analysis
  • Ideation and strategy processes with active involvement of all stakeholders
  • Visualization and structuring through canvas creation and big pictures
  • Holistic methodological support along the innovation chain
  • Selection and analysis of new technologies and holistic evaluation within the individual company context
  • Scientific foundation through current research projects
  • Interactive workshops on-site or digital


Our main topics in the area of strategy and business model development

To support you in the development of your business strategy from the initial idea to implementation, we offer services in the following subject areas:

Strategic innovation management

Design of long-term goals and tasks for the successful positioning of your company


Sustainability Strategy

We help you to inform yourself about sustainability, position yourself and implement your strategy in your own sustainable business model.


Open Source Strategy

Success through openness - development and use of open source software


Data-driven business models

Through sighting, consolidation and exploitation of data to the data-driven business model


Platform business models

Acting as a link between supply and demand


Blockchain business models

Being successful in the network - building a successful blockchain-based business model.

5 potential benefits for your company

By working with us, you will achieve the following potential benefits for your company:

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  • Expansion of the product portfolio to include, for example, digital services
  • Identification of new revenue sources and revenue streams
  • Opening up new customer markets and focusing on customer benefits and added value
  • Use of data and digital technologies as the foundation of new business models
  • Sustainable and future-oriented positioning of your company