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AI and Autonomous Systems

Our activities focus on the research and development of self-organizing systems. In this context, our competencies lie primarily in the areas of autonomy, decentralization, MAS (multi-agent systems) and the Internet of Things. We see it as our task to further advance the seal of quality "AI made in Germany" in its significance.


Autonomy is becoming an increasingly crucial technology for Germany as an industrial location. In addition to the performance of such systems, however, transparency and reliability are crucial for their successful use. That is why we are focusing our efforts on Artificial Intelligent precisely on this deployment. 

Machine Learning

Autonomous Agents

Digital Reality

DB Schenker - Digitalization

The DB Schenker Enterprise Lab for Logistics and Digitalization combines the research and development of Fraunhofer IML with the ground-breaking approach and international alignment of DB Schenker in order to create innovative logistics solutions and process innovations. With a permanent scientific team and its own space, work at the lab is to concentrate on topics such as the Internet of Things, services, Industry 4.0, big data, cloud computing and...

LabSICK Enterprise Lab


Sick AG posted the first of its employees from the Logistics Automation business line to work at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics back in May 2013. The producer of sensors and sensor solutions embarked upon a cooperation agreement with Fraunhofer IML that was to begin with collaborative research at the Enterprise Labs before moving on to the implementation of joint projects with practical applications. 






The Rhine-Ruhr Machine Learning Competence Center is one of four nationwide hubs for bringing the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning in Germany to a world-leading level.


Silicon Economy


The Silicon Economy is a project of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML, supported by the German logistics industry. Together, we are developing an open-source infrastructure for the platform economy of the future.




Hierarchical swarms as utilization-optimised production architecture




The L4MS project focuses on fully digitizing intralogistics automation in factories. The goal is for suppliers of automation and logistics solutions to be able to develop and be up to ten times faster and less expensive than current prices.



This is where industry 4.0 solutions of the next generation are being developed to increase added value.



By using high-resolution infrared cameras, several 100 objects can be detected and tracked in real time with an accuracy in the sub-millimeter range.