Quick Scan Production

The »Quick Scan Production«

With the goal of designing production more economically, companies often face the question which areas yield the most potential with a calculable amount of effort.

Because of this, our »Quick Scan Production« not only shows weak spots and potential for improvement but also supports you in setting priorities for action. For this, we consider the whole value-added process including the embedded logistics. A quick and thorough analysis gives a comprehensive view of your production with the…

  • Organizational structure and factory layout
  • Established processes e.g. production planning and control, production supply and disposal
  • Material flow
  • Key figures of production, e.g. work in progress, cycle time, delivery reliability
  • As well as an objective and authoritative final assessment

Our Approach

Starting point for the detailed analysis is a standardized survey, which the Fraunhofer IML uses to gather relevant information and key figures regarding the company, the production and the production environment.

After the evaluation, an on-site appointment is scheduled to validate and deepen the obtained information in cooperation with you. For this we are using established tools to methodically analyze the order processing process from order to shipping and the associated material flow.

The focus of attention is on key indicators of typical optimization approaches in production. Personal interviews with process owners round this phase off.

We summarize the results of the analyses and present them together with a recommendation for action.

The Benefits for your company

The Quick Scan Production is a lean and at the same time comprehensive approach to quickly gain reliable information regarding the efficiency of your production.

The benefit for your company can be summarized by the following points:

  • Summary of identified weaknesses with respective causes, their clustering and designated key problems
  • Basis for decision with specific recommendations for action including content-related interdependencies and priorities
  • Assistance in putting down “blinders”
  • Analysis of the complete value-added chain
  • Impulse for a transformation process

Overview of the »Quick Scan Production«

  • Standardized procedure with defined preparatory, analysis and finalization phases
  • Ideal instrument to quickly, soundly and easily identify potential for optimization in the production
  • Neutral, objective and therefore unbiased evaluation of your production
  • Result: prioritized and rated recommendations for action
  • Average duration: three weeks

Would you like to know more about the Quick Scan Production?

The department of Production Logistics is available for appointments and will be happy to answers any questions.