Production Strategies and Concepts

Ensuring sustainable competitiveness

In times of increasing competitive pressure, many companies turn to optimization approaches, pursuing only cost-oriented and productivity-oriented objectives; in this way a sustainable competitiveness of the production is not always ensured. At the same time less attention is being paid to production strategies or even the whole strategy of the enterprise. Companies and employees run a complex path of reorganization that finally fails to fulfill the market-related requirements. The willingness to set up one more time has decreased and companies lose valuable time.

Your Benefits

Choosing the action field, production strategies and production concepts, you receive integrated consultancy

  1. that checks and ensures the fit of your production strategies with your corporate strategy.
  2. to find a production concept and reorganization methods which considers future market requirements and therefor ensures your long-term competitiveness.

In Cooperation with our other service offerings factory planning, process management and resource management in production, information systems and communications systems in the production and Lean Production Systems we support your company from strategy development and strategy check to the implementation.

Our approach to future-oriented production concepts

The department of production logistics provides alignment and competent guidance in the strategic realignment of your production. We derive production strategies for your company from the current and future market requirements in close cooperation with your decision-makers. Additionally we check its compatibility with other functions. Together we define, for example, arising demands on the personnel development, R & D, sales and procurement.
Taking account of the required output capacities, we develop production concepts that support the strategic alignment of your production. The subsequent support in the reorganization process ensures the sustainability of the approaches.

Our objective is to adjust production strategies and production concepts to current and future market requirements.