What is Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise Architecture takes a comprehensive view of software and information technologies used in a company in line with the business goals, processes and capabilities. Based on the identified requirements, a target architecture is created at various business and technical levels that supports the achievement of the desired goals. Enterprise Architecture enables an "inventory of the information technology landscape" by looking at the entire IT architecture, across departments and beyond corporate structures. This creates a sound basis on which, for example, a strategic realignment of IT or consolidation can take place.

Enterprise Architecture and logistics?

Logistics and in particular IT in logistics play a major role in ensuring that companies satisfy their customers and build up competitive advantages over their competitors. On the one hand, the use of IT is necessary, on the other hand, linkage with other parts of the company is decisive. If different elements of different process chains interlock seamlessly, logistics processes can only be successful and efficient. It is necessary that higher-level as well as upstream and downstream IT and other business processes run effectively. Changes in market requirements or the use of new technologies also have an impact on enterprise architecture.


Enterprise Architecture and your IT?

Our TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) certified employees support you in creating and optimizing a development plan for your IT. Together with you, we carry out a comprehensive inventory of the IT used in the company and the corresponding processes in business units. A modelling of status quo reveals inefficient partial elements in the overall architecture and enables adaptation to new circumstances. Based on extensive practical experience and latest research findings, we support you in optimizing the interaction between business and IT.


Services and offers

  • We help you to approach the topic Enterprise Architecture, from planning, over acquisition of sponsors and composition of an architecture team, to selection of suitable software tools.
  • We support you within the framework of architecture management in definition and introduction of architecture methods and create the basis for a targeted control of your architecture initiative.
  • We support you in identifying, formulating and managing requirements.
  • Based on your requirements, we create architectures for complete IT system landscapes or individual systems.
  • Together with your company, we create conceptual information models as cross-departmental technical language for the uniform description of business processes, systems and requirements.
  • If you are confronted with an important decision regarding an architecture, our experienced architects will evaluate your solution approaches or alternative courses of action and develop an individual recommendation for action.
  • We identify effects of current and alternative technologies and processes on your logistics and IT.

Further topics

We want to give you a detailed overview of our thematics about our competences in software development. Our advisory package is not limited in single areas. Experience shows that a cross-dsciplinarity combination of single aspects leads to the best possible solution for your individual challenge.

Optimization of loading of load carriers

PUZZLE® optimizes the loading of load carriers such as pallets and cartons.


  • pallet optimization
  • load unit formation
  • palletizing software
  • charge optimization
  • robot palletizing
  • packaging optimization
  • pack optimization
  • Optimal packing

Cloud Computing

We support you to make your logistic IT fit for the future by outsourcing it into the Cloud. Our focus is on the topics "Business objects for logistics" und “Changeable logistic systems”.


  • Business Process as a Service
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Shopfloor Integration
  • Cloud Platform
  • Standardization of Components and Services
  • Internet of Things


In this area master data is optimized and the structure of your information architecture including “Metadata Management” and “Data Governance” is supported.


  • IT Strategy
  • software selection
  • Optimized alignment of IT and Business Processes (Business IT alignment)
  • Service Management

Data Driven Logistics

We are supporting you with the analysis, integration and visualisation of your data. Our priorities are "Big-Data-Architecture", "Hana-Integration" and "Machine Learning".


  • Big Data
  • Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Sensor Data Integration
  • Data Visualisation
  • Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Development of Smart Services

Privacy Engineering

We support you with "privacy by design" and "privacy as a service" so that your IT systems fulfil the growing demands in data protection, data security and confidentiality.



  • Controlled collaboration of many Cloud Services
  • Central Access Management for the complete workflow
  • Privacy-by-design /
  • Privacy-Certification
  • Detailed Authentification

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“We develop future”


Software Development

Software as a foundation:
Today, modern logistics is no longer possible without modern IT. Our team develops IT solutions specifically designed to meet your needs in all areas of logistics. Our promise to you: sophisticated software with quality and brains! Analysis, conception, architecture design, component design, implementation, refactoring, integration, migration and evaluation - we offer you comprehensive solutions.



We develop the future:
Through our participation in various
research projects, we are always surrounded by the latest developments and ideas.
This creative spirit runs through all our projects, because as a department in an application-oriented research institute we know exactly what it means to forge ideas and put them into practice. As our customer, you always profit from this special competence.


IT Strategic Consulting

Standstill means regression:
Being successful is no guarantee of staying successful. Secure your competitive position for the long term and let us look beyond our horizons together. From standard software to new software concepts that are individually tailored to your requirements and effectively and resource-efficiently support your processes, we are at your side.