Our Services

Our success is based on our ability to combine logistics expertise from all scientific and industrial branches with the specific needs and special requirements of air transport.

The services we offer range from the analysis, development, planning, and implementation of logistics processes and facilities relevant for air transport, from the periphery of the airport to inside an actual aircraft. Our services focus on the logistics networks beyond the airport: we examine the air and land side connections to traffic and transport networks as well as to the local networks of the logistics service providers.  

Typical research areas for our projects are the behaviour and capacity utilization of existing and planned resources under consideration of future requirements. On the basis of this initial research, we develop new technical and organizational solutions or redesign existing ones and help our customers implementing them.

We help the market players in the air transport chain to achieve shorter transfer times, offer additional services, and increase the security, reliability, and performance of their processing systems and procedures.



Master Planning

Development planning for airport sites is usually carried out as part of a master plan as the basis for an approval procedure or for the marketing of logistics locations. The support we provide for planning and strategic decision making is based on market and competitor analyses in which we determine the development trends as well as the supply and demand potential of individual sites, selected regions, and cross-border relations.


System Design

When we design systems, we always start by analysing the patterns of the traffic volume and the processes at a site. To do this, we analyse cross-company data and determine the requirements as well as the restrictions of the processes and site partners. Using this as the basis, we create and develop alternatives in the form of scenarios that can be evaluated and compared with each other. Our goal is to improve capacity and efficiency.


Process Optimization

The basis of process optimization is the analysis of the entire process chain of all involved parties. We use the methodology for process chains that we developed through research and practice to systematically record, depict, and evaluate physical and documentary processes. The existing processes are analysed, the problem areas are aggregated, and the optimization potential are shown. We provide our customers with recommendations for action to help them implement the necessary changes into their current operation.


Process and Traffic Simulation

The scope and optimization potential of processes, systems, and infrastructure are determined using IT-based simulations or model calculations. Complex data models and a field-tested parameter definition are used to achieve a realistic simulation that encompasses the necessary traffic loads as well as the resources to be examined. The optimization process involves comparing the defined outcome parameters of the individual simulation variants.


Call For Tenders and Implementation

The results of planning process are compiled into a list of specifications and supplemented with customer requirements. Customer-specific technical, commercial, or other delivery terms are summarized into a complete list of specifications. We provide support to our customers throughout the tendering process. During the course of the project, we help our customers with the creation of the requirement specifications, the implementation, acceptance, and test operation of the new system.  


Mediation and Expert Reports

The division of labour and the large number of different parties who participant in or are affected by a process at an airport are associated with a complex mixing of competition and cooperation. As independent logistics experts we guarantee the necessary neutrality for creating comprehensive expert reports. When the involved parties disagree, we are able to take a neutral, fact-based position and help mediate and resolve the conflict.


Research & Development

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is the largest application-oriented research organisation in Europe. New and innovative products are developed by combining scientific research with practical application. Within the scope of industrial projects as well as publicly funded research projects, we work on sustainable, industry-specific solutions for immediate implementation by companies and in society.  

“We shape the logistics link between the modes of air transport“