Research Halls and Laboratories

Its research halls, test centres and laboratories provide the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML with equipment for logistics research that is unique in Europe. From packaging tests through trials of the most diverse identification technologies in the most varied environments to research on swarm intelligence, our facilities make (almost) anything possible. This includes your own participation, so that you can have your own packaging examined by our experts, come by yourself  and test various identification technologies for your application together with our scientists, or watch research work on the logistics of the future.



By using high-resolution infrared cameras, several 100 objects can be detected and tracked in real time with an accuracy in the sub-millimeter range.


Innovationlab Hybrid Services in Logistics

This is where industry 4.0 solutions of the next generation are being developed to increase added value.


Packaging Laboratory

Laboratory for testing loading units, large load carriers, transport packaging and pallets.


Swarm Intelligence: LivingLab Cellular Transport Systems

»Swarm intelligence« for logistics. The aim is to make supply chains more energy-efficient and to be able to react more flexibly to unforeseen events.


Technology on Demand Lab

Laboratory for the construction of small series and prototypes.