Hybrid Services in Productionlogistics

Order structures within production companies sometimes change abruptly: customers’ desire for individualisation is strong, the complexity of processes increases and some procurement markets are very volatile.


How can production logistics face the challenge of planning and controlling

increased individualisation and product diversity?


Intelligent hybrid services can enable production companies to serve customer requirements

individually and therefore position themselves better on the market.


Up to a certain level, customer requirements can already be considered in production planning. Eventualities that cannot be planned in due to the high level of uncertainty have to be managed in another way. In order to cope with this complex situation, a company needs a high degree of transparency, flexible resources and the use of the latest technologies as a contribution to increasing efficiency. The challenge is to realise customer-specific production with economic utilisation of resources and the flexible use of resources under controllable planning effort. In the innovation laboratory, the "Production Logistics" deals with the creation of a transparent and networked environment with flexible resources and supporting technologies.

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