Innovation is our passion

As being part of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, we manage a division, which is solely specialised in forward-thinking development of strategies and products. These innovations are indispensable given the constant change inherent in the logistics sector and at the same time they guarantee our clients the access to modern expert knowledge. An extensive network in combination with excellent employees underpins our innovative strength.

Our performance:


Urban Business Navigator

Under the name "Urban Business Navigator' industry-customized navigation solutions are designed for commercial traffic. This includes both industry- as well as company-specific information to be included in special navigation systems for freight transport.

Efficient Load

What about combining route planning with efficient loading? Well, our research results have demonstrated in practice that up to 20percent potential saving can be gained.


Increasingly limited route access to inner cities and the gradual tightening of access restrictions already partly prevent the access of diesel vehicles to inner cities. Electric mobility provides adapted vehicles for urban delivery traffic.

Multimodal Promotion

In this project a Web 2.0 platform is developed, that will allow a simple checking of modal shift potentials as well as the consolidation of transport quantities between enterprises. Experience in combined transport is not needed. The data used for this evaluation is made anonymous. The resulting transport alternatives are presented based on current schedules and new relation opportunities.

SafeNetworks for logistics

Main objective is to increase the safety along the complete supply chain through a high level of information transparency and a new designed SCEM system. Benefit for the involved partner is to reduce costs and lead times and to increase the service level.

Design of inland water transport

Are you interested in switching more traffic to the waterways? Would you like to integrate the inland navigation into your logistics and transport concepts? We analyse the possibilities to switch traffic to the waterways and develop forward-thinking concepts according to your requirements. We will evaluate them economically, ecologically and qualitatively and integrate the information flow from the inland water transportation into your processes. And always in consideration of the latest developments like RIS and inland-AIS.

Master Route Planning

Software for default route planning controls the standard tasks but modifications are very complex. Our module based approach allows the efficient planning of complex problems like multiple periodic master routes, combined collection loads and delivery routes or considering the restrictions of loading capacities.

Seaport-hinterland Transport

Do you find your goods are stuck in traffic jams at the seaport? Are your resources deployed ineffectively? We analyse and optimise processes, interfaces of terminals and transport concepts in precarriage and onward carriage operations to/from the seaports by rail cargo transport and inland water transport.

Effects of ICT (Information and Communications Technologies)

Information and communications technologies (ICT) and ICT-oriented concepts are indispensable to handle the complexity of logistics systems, like SCM, SCEM, ECR, CRM, EDI, Tracking & Tracing. We have analysed the consequences of ICT on logistics processes and transport.

For us, change means enjoyment of progress