OPEX in Process Industry

Operational Excellence in the Process Industry

As one of the largest industry sectors in Germany, the process industry includes a wide range of industries such as fine chemicals, metal production, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and even the food industry. They are all characterized by common process specifications such as the initial processing of predominantly loose bulk materials in production process that are processed into final products via complex material flows and batch-based mass throughputs.

Today’s escalating commodity prices in capital-intensive production processes and the need to differentiate themselves via a proliferation of market options force companies to increasingly test the limits of their logistics structures in order to be able to survive on the competitive global market. A series of lean management methods are summed up under the term operational excellence, which enable the high utilization of systems with a high degree of flexibility and short throughput times.

The Production Logistics department has succeeded in adapting this tool set, which originated in the automotive industry, specifically to the process industry. An experienced team of consultants will demonstrate the potential for optimizing your production and support you and your employees in the development and implementation of an efficient process organization system. Furthermore, accompanying training sessions will assist with the transition to a new production culture.