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Open source software is an elementary component of most software applications in companies. Companies often use open source software for cost reasons or for reasons of security and stability of the offering. For companies that develop and offer software themselves, the provision - i.e. not just the use of open source software - can in turn represent an exciting business model. By making source code available, exciting ecosystem strategies can be realized, cooperation and collaboration with partners and customers can be simplified, and new payment models and incentives for customers can be created. Open source approaches are an exciting business model strategy for start-ups in particular. Small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as corporations, also benefit from open source as a collaboration method and ecosystem strategy. We work out exactly how in the course of developing a holistic open source strategy for your company.

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Deep Dive Open Source Workshop


You have already made your first experiences with open source and now want to dive deeper into the topic? - Then our Deep Dive Workshop is just right for you.

Open Source - Vision & Strategie


We offer you methodical support in vision and strategy development with regard to open source.

Evaluation models for open source projects


For which projects does the use of open source make sense, and when is open source rather unsuitable? - With our evaluation model, you can find out whether open source fits your projects.

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Open Source as an Innovation Driver for Industry 4.0

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