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Data-driven business models describe the data-based creation of value in companies. Data sets can be incorporated into services or products, sold as raw or processed data sets, or used internally for analysis or forecasting purposes. In addition to the ongoing digitization of business processes, technology trends such as IoT devices, big data analytics through artificial intelligence, or blockchain are making it increasingly easy to collect, analyze, and store large amounts of data. While in a first step the preparation and visualization of KPIs, sustainability data or process data provides transparency in the company, the full potential of the data often remains unused. The true value and the great challenge of data-driven business models lies in the linking of causally related data sets. Therefore, we support companies in taking stock and analyzing their data regarding new and innovative business models.

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Analysis of potential


Generating new ideas with creative methods - from raw data to smart products and smart services to data-driven business models

Concepts and methods for the exploitation of data sets

You have data sets in your company, but you don't know how to use them in a meaningful way? - We show you which concepts are interesting for you.

Business model development

How do you integrate data into an existing business model? Or does this even require the development of a new business model? - We support you on the way to a data-driven business model!