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Supply chain management is characterized by numerous players, little trust, and a never-ending flow of information. Blockchain is seen as a solution to the resulting challenges. It allows corporate networks to store data in a decentralized and persistent manner. Authorization modules enable full control over the allocation of read and write rights, so that collaboration with comprehensive data protection is possible even in large networks. In addition, the use of smart contracts allows the automation of processes and the combination with IoT devices links the virtual with the real world. However, blockchain technology should not only be understood as an enabler for Industry 4.0: Blockchain creates business model innovations and value propositions that would not have been feasible without blockchain. On the one hand, new customer segments can be tapped and process innovations realized. On the other hand, blockchain technology allows the emergence of new corporate values and assets through tokenization (the cryptographic mapping of values on the blockchain). Data, shares in machines or investments in future projects can be provided with a unique authorship and are thus tradable and shareable.

Based on the latest research results from projects such as Blockchain Europe, we support companies in identifying suitable use cases. Our specially developed tools and methods accompany the analysis of the influences of blockchain technology on existing, but also future business models.

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Deep Dive Blockchain Workshop

Take a deep dive into blockchain and learn about technology fundamentals, application areas, and business model patterns.

Blockchain Potential Analysis

Do you want to integrate blockchain technology into your business activities? - Using our blockchain-specific methods and tools, we identify and design suitable use cases.

Business model development

The application fields of blockchain technology are diverse. With our know-how, we support you in the development of your blockchain business model.

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Here you will find a selection of our current publications in the topic area of blockchain business model development.

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Tools for the development of blockchain-based business models

Sustainability in the context of blockchain technology

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