Packaging Development

The optimal packaging for all products does not exist, because each packaging has its individual properties and functions. Transport, storage and handling processes have a major influence on the efficiency of packaging in the supply chain. A load-appropriate and economical packaging system includes a precise development of all packaging aspects, from the dimensioning of the outer packaging and the selection of cushioning materials for the purpose of product protection, to securing the loading unit or optimization possibilities of the packaging process, to the correct labeling on a package.

Our offer: From the first rough concept to detailed planning and sample production to the production of prototypes with selected partners, we accompany the entire development of your packaging. The focus is on product-specific development for complex products or specific applications. Static and dynamic testing of the developed packaging is carried out in our own packaging laboratory. With the use of innovative software tools, selection of suitable identification as well as smart technology and sensor technology, you can also be sure that your packaging system is at the cutting edge of technological development.