Packaging Innovation

At a time when logistical objects are becoming intelligent, communicating with each other and producing vast amounts of data, the demand for controllable and automatically trackable load carriers is growing. A load carrier no longer fulfills only a transport and protection function, but interacts with its environment and thus becomes an information and communication carrier. The corresponding sensor technology and hardware enable it to interpret the recorded data and provide the user with comprehensible information on a web-based basis or on a smart device. Packaging innovation is created in the triangle of tension with modularity, individuality and technological intelligence.

Our offer: We support you in the selection of suitable technologies and components for your packaging 4.0. Together with you, we accompany the integration of suitable technologies (sensors, actuators, Auto-ID systems) into the packaging or the load carrier. With the help of 3D printing, we create individual packaging solutions and research modular packaging systems for the Physical Internet.